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"It saves us several hours of work every day investigating problems" Per-Anders, Cinnober
XpoLog for operations teamsOperations
"XpoLog provides the best log monitoring solution over the web" Eyal Elhadad, Traiana
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"Our teams are able to do investigations in 10% of the time it used to take"
Ian Bloomfield, TechOnline
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XpoLog Log Viewer

Log Viewer for Any Log
View, Search, Monitor logs

Read and Browse through any type of log from Windows, Linux and Solaris machines. Format log messages from any device and display them in a graphical web interface. The Log Viewer allows reading large files, filtering and searching logs. Correlate and View several logs together. The Log Viewer is agent-less and can read logs from multiple network locations.
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IIS, ISA, Apache Log Viewer

Web & Access Log Viewer
IIS, Apache, ISA & more

Log Viewer for web servers logs. Read and display any type of web server logs in tabular format, supports IIS and Apache access logs. Enable date filters, regular expressions search, log monitoring, reports generation and more. The Log Viewer can read very large log files, enables indexing and quick searches of IP's and URL's.
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Log4j and .Net Log Viewer

Web UI Log Viewer
for Log4j / .Net / Java

Log Viewer that can read log4j text and xml logs format. The Log Viewer reads and presents log files in a graphical web interface. Also support .Net and Java logging. Auto Integrate to the logger configuration file and display the logs. Enable searches, reports and debugging filters. Non Intrusive so you will not have to change your code.
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SysLog Viewer

Log Viewer for SysLog server
Any SysLog messages format

Index and Search syslog log files. Very quick searches that support any type of log messages. Create aggregation and computation reports. Monitor logs, create filters and merge multiple logs together. Support Linux, Unix and Windows formats. Enable smart correlation of logs for distributed environment. For Security and Network devices.
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